The Forensic Accounting assignments are carried out by the company on its own through its associates or on behalf of the Shareholders’ Meeting, the Court, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Judicial Commissioner, the Trustee or the assigned legal firms, which HLB Analisi supports both in the technical reconstructions and for what concerns the accounting and financial part.

Forensic and Litigation services

  • Balance sheets reconstruction, for purposes of verification of the financial statements and corporate communications truthfulness
  • Identification of potential acts of misappropriation or conflicts of interest
  • Evaluation of the governing bodies responsibility and estimation of the resulting damages
  • Technical and accounting assistance to judicial bodies and legal firms in controversies, disputes and corporate crimes
  • Fraud audits

The HLB Analisi’s team of professionals, all boasting many years of experience in various areas including auditing, risk consulting, corporate finance and tax, is able to support customers through the different stages of a dispute:

  • initial definition of the problem
  • Information analysis
  • collection of documentary evidence
  • presentation of the results in a hearing, either judicial or extrajudicial
  • our associates can also take on the role of court-appointed and ex-parte expert witnesses

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