HLB International · Together we make it happen


An international network to go beyond borders

HLB ANALISI is a member of HLB, an international network of independent auditing and business consultancy companies.
HLB International, based in London, operates in 156 countries all over the world thanks to a network of hundreds of professional firms, all characterized by their deep roots in their own countries but connected to professionals on a global level, guaranteeing an ideal combination of local and international expertise.

Together to share expertise

HLB International’s history is one of innovation, based on constant collaboration among professionals to help clients grow beyond their own borders.
This partnership with HLB International allows HLB ANALISI Auditing Company to:

  • Work for international companies on audits and M&A operations
  • Promote staff secondment and periods of collaboration with foreign partners
  • Participate in and organize workshops, conventions and events in collaboration with other members of the network
  • Support professional development and foreign language learning, thanks to the interchange of know-how, procedures and expertise.

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