hlb annual review 2021

HLB ha pubblicato il Global Annual Review 2021, in cui si evidenzia un’importante crescita del fatturato globale, che ha raggiunto i 4,08 miliardi di dollari, ed un incremento della rete del 25% rispetto all’anno precedente..

Le parole di Marco Donzelli, CEO del network HLB, sui risultati del 2021:

“Despite the societal and economic challenges of 2021, we took learnings from the start of the pandemic and used our innovative thinking to close the year on a record-breaking high. Over 2021, we continued to focus on our people, embedding a culture of learning and upskilling. We also invested in technology to facilitate hybrid working which is now a standard practice across most of our network. For the first time, we have reported on our CSR activities as we are acutely aware of our responsibility to social and environmental matters.  Ultimately, we want to create a better future for our people, clients and the communities we operate in.”

Per maggiori informazioni si veda il seguente link https://www.hlb.global/about-us/annualreview/.